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The MLB Futures Game Is Pretty HOLY CRAP LOOK OUT

On Sunday, the 2012 MLB Futures Game unofficially kicked off the All-Star break. The annual game features the top talent from the minor leagues, as U.S.-born players take on foreign-born players on a national stage. The game is generally a good opportunity for HOLY CRAP LOOK OUT


via @bubbaprog

At the time of THE MOST TERRIFYING FOUL BALL OF ALL TIME, the World team was trailing the U.S. team by a score of JESUS GET DOWN to SWEET FANCY MOSES WE ARE GOING TO DIE

This is clearly the most butt-puckering animated GIF of all time and I certainly hope that we can get a Kickstarter account going to buy some new slacks for whatever poor soul was manning the camera during this horrific incident.

What do you suppose John Cameraman was doing when this went down? I like to think that he was snacking on pistachio nutmeats, perhaps pondering what he would be doing later that evening in Kansas City, when suddenly he's actually living the scene from the trailer of Twister where the tractor tire comes through the windshield. Only this time, the scene is actually in the movie. By which I mean life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL