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Bud Selig on DH rule change: 'Never say never'

Selig would not rule out the NL eventually adopting the DH, or the AL eventually abolishing the rule.


MLB commissioner Bud Selig talked with reporters on Saturday about the possibility of changing the designated hitter rule, stating that he would "never say never" about the chance that the DH eventually makes an appearance in the NL, or disappears in the AL.

Selig presented Carlos Beltran with the Roberto Clemente Award, and touched on a number of issues with reporters during the press conference. One of the issues he discussed was the designated hitter, telling Paul Hagen of

"I'm the only one left who voted in 1972 for the designated hitter. So here we are now, 41 years later. And I often worry about that. But my friend [Phillies chairman] Bill Giles once said to me, 'You know, I like the controversy between the leagues. I think it's good.' Having said that, I did say three or four years ago that I had strong feelings on [expanded] instant replay. And, like everything else in life, you make adjustments and I now have somewhat different feelings.

"So I'm never going to say never to anything. But at the moment is there anything going on? No. If somebody has something to say, I'm glad to listen."

The AL has used a designated hitter in place of the pitcher since the 1973 season, while the senior circuit continues to let pitchers hit. Most proposals to change the rule suggest that the NL should adopt the DH in some fashion, including this piece from Danny Knobler of CBS Sports. Selig, however, seems to hint at the possibility that the AL could potentially abolish the DH, although he admits nothing is currently ongoing.

For now, status quo seems likely to continue; the DH will be in effect at AL parks, but pitchers will have to hit at NL parks. Selig has stated that he will retire on Jan. 24, 2015, and a new commissioner could have more motivation to change the rule.

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