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BBWAA announces MLB award schedule

Now you can plan your annoyance and arguments ahead of time!

Ronald Martinez

The Baseball Writers Association of America votes on Major League Baseball's major awards every season, and they have now unveiled the schedule for 2013's trophies. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to argue about Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera, as the Most Valuable Player awards come last.

On November 11, the Rookie of the Year awards will be announced for both leagues. On the next day, we'll get the Manager of the Year announcement, and then, on November 13, the Cy Young recipients. Last, and likely the one most everyone is awaiting, comes the MVP awards on November 14.

Unlike the recently awarded Gold Glove awards, voted on by baseball itself instead of its writers, we don't have finalists to look forward to for any of these categories, but you can suss out, to borrow a term beloved by voters, who is "in the conversation" simply by looking at some leaderboards. Just know there will probably be blood spilled over Trout vs. Cabrera. Again.

At least everyone on both sides of the debate can agree that Max Scherzer is awesome, yeah?

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