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Alex Rodriguez sues MLB for "buying the cooperation" of Anthony Bosch

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The lawsuit alleges MLB has paid Bosch $5 million to secure his testimony.

Scott Halleran

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has sued Major League Baseball, accusing the league for "buying the cooperation" of Anthony Bosch, reports Steve Eder of the New York Times.

Bosch is the founder of the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis, which has been at the center of MLB's latest doping scandal. The lawsuit alleges that the league has paid Bosch $5 million in monthly installments to secure Bosch's testimony against Rodriguez.

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The former Biogenesis owner is also currently the defendant in a lawsuit filed by MLB that accuses him and others of interfering with baseball's basic agreement. The league agreed to drop Bosch from the case, cover his legal expenses, and indemnify him from any legal repercussions in exchange for his testimony against Rodriguez.

The Yankees third baseman released a statement on the issue:

"The entire legal dynamic is very complex, and my legal team is doing what they need to in order to vindicate me and pursue all of my rights. This matter is entirely separate from the ongoing arbitration. I look forward to the arbitration proceedings continuing, and for the day to come when I can share my story with the public and my supporters."

Rodriguez's hearing regarding his 211-game suspension, which started on Monday, is expected to last until Friday, with a possible continuance at a later date. Bosch has testified against Rodriguez during the hearing; Rodriguez's lawyers began cross-examining the witness on Thursday.

Bosch has spent much of the week validating documents and electronic communications to the three-man panel overseeing hearings, according to the New York Daily News. MLB believes that these documents show that Rodriguez obtained performance enhancing drugs on numerous occasions.

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