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Alex Rodriguez sues Yanks team doctor for medical malpractice

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Is there anybody left to sue? Alex Rodriguez is going to try and find him.

Jonathan Daniel

Never mind the games, Major League Baseball has got the Sue Me, Sue You Blues. In a day we've already heard about Alex Rodriguez suing Major League Baseball, San Jose suing Major League Baseball, and Albert Pujols suing Jack Clark, now we have late-breaking news that Rodriguez's assiduous legal cadre has been busy filing against another target:

The only thing left is for Rodriguez to sue the Yankees proper, and maybe the National Enquirer, because that's what they're here for. Rumors that Rodriguez may sue his own hip labrums for fraying and/or his own mother because she had the temerity to have him 38 years ago, have not been confirmed. At this point we may yet see Rodriguez v. Jarndyce v. Jarndyce.

More intriguing here is the difference between this lawsuit and the one against MLB: While the latter seeks to somehow tarnish MLB's disciplinary case against him, this one would seem to imply that his long absence due to injury this season was somehow avoidable or could have been attenuated with a more accurate diagnosis during the playoffs a year ago.

Stay tuned for additional Alex Rodriguez lawsuit news here at SB Nation/MLB-Court. We now return you to the scheduled rerun of "Perry Mason Meets the Defenders" starring Raymond Burr, E.G. Marshall and Mark Belanger.

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