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Alex Rodriguez's lawyers might put Bud Selig on the stand

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Rodriguez's attorneys will begin presenting his defense Monday when the appeal of his 211-game suspension resumes.

Jonathan Daniel

Alex Rodriguez's attorneys might call well-known MLB figures, including commissioner Bud Selig and Yankees president Randy Levine, to testify when his suspension appeal resumes, reports Ken Davidoff of the New York Post.

Rodriguez is currently appealing his 211-game suspension, and the hearing will resume Monday. MLB used eight days to present it's case against the Yankees third baseman, with the hearing recessing twice.

Each side in the case is supposed to present the other with their witness list, but MLB has only received two names from Rodriguez's camp, according to Davidoff. One of the names is an expert in retrieving text messages from Blackberry's,  while the other is Dan Mullin, the senior vice president of MLB's department of investigations. Mullin allegedly had an affair with a female Biogenesis employee.

MLB would likely attempt to block Levine and Selig from having to testify, writes Davidoff. The league would argue that COO Rob Manfred spoke on behalf of MLB and should be subject to cross-examination by Rodriguez's lawyers. Fredric Horowtiz, the independent arbitrator on the three-person panel overseeing the hearing, would make the final decision on who would testify.

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