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Florida police investigating stolen Biogenesis documents

Alex Rodriguez's lawsuit against MLB revealed information that was used to re-launch an investigation into Biogensis documents allegedly stolen out of the car of a former employee of the clinic.


Police in Boca Raton, Fla., have reopened an investigation into the theft of documents that Major League Baseball used to implicate New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez on performance-enhancing drug use, officer Sandra Boonenberg told The Associated Press on Monday.

Boonenberg cited new information brought to light by Rodriguez's lawsuit against MLB as the basis for the renewed investigation.

The documents were allegedly stolen in March from the vehicle of Porter Fischer, a former Biogenesis employee who took those files, plus another batch, from the clinic in an act of whistle-blowing. Gary Jones, a native of South Florida, obtained both sets of documents and sold them to MLB for $125,000, according to's Mike Fish.

Jones is "a person of interest" in the Boca Raton Police Department's case, per Fish.

Rodriguez's lawyers believe MLB "knowingly purchased stolen documents" and interfered with the initial investigation by the Florida Department of Health in the process.

The commissioner's office denied the claim, acknowledging in a statement the open investigation into whether or not the documents were actually stolen.

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