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Robinson Cano free agency: Yankees have 'nothing to talk about' until 2B is more realistic

Cano is seeking over $300 million in free agency. The Yankees, and seemingly every other team, are unwilling to come close to that number.

Christian Petersen

New York Yankees president Randy Levine says the team has no interest in meeting Robinson Cano's reported contract demands, reports Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

"We want Robbie back; we think Robbie is terrific," Levine told ESPN Tuesday. "But we have no interest in doing any 10-year deals and no interest in paying $300 million to any player. Until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.''

The Yankees have not yet entered extended talks with Cano's representatives. According to Levine, the team has no need to discuss a deal with Cano until he lowers his asking price to a more reasonable number.

Jay-Z, whose sports agency represents Cano, met with New York Mets officials Monday. The Mets, however, have said they are not looking to sign any players to over $100 million. They have also said that Cano is the only free agent worth nine digits this offseason.

Jay-Z and Cano's other representatives were the ones to set up the meeting with the Mets, indicating the team still is not particularly interested in the second baseman. The market has been slow to develop for Cano, especially with the Dodgers out of play. No team other than the Yankees has shown a strong interest in acquiring him quite yet.

Cano, 31, is reported to be seeking over $300 million in free agency, which would make him the highest-paid player in MLB history.

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