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A-Rod interview: An epic interview told by epic tweets

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The latest twist in the continuing Alex Rodriguez saga started this morning as he stormed out of the courtroom and called the entire arbitration process a "farce," which is ironic enough on its own.

But things really got going this afternoon as A-Rod joined Mike Francesa on WFAN and YES. Let's set the scene:

Let's dive right in:

OOOOH! Sick burn, A-Rod! You gonna take that, Bud?

What does everyone really want to know, though? Didja do it? Did ya do the 'roids, Alex? Say it ain't so! Say it ain't so!

Whew! That's a relief. But shouldn't you be punished for something? Being a dick to Ryan Braun, maybe?

What's next on the agenda, then?

Well at least he got that supposed ego thing in check.


Wait, did you just say you were innocent of doing steroids?

That *is* a good question, Mark. Maybe Alex should just try being nice to Bud?


Won't anyone defend A-Rod?

Where do the Yankees come in?

What's the end game, then? Where does it stop?

Of course it is.

Let's get meta for a second, shall we?

While we're being honest:

Back to getting meta:

Oh good, this thing is over. My god, this thing is...'s not over.

Now now, as much of a shit-show as this is, we're talking about people here. Real people, Tom!


At least Alex isn't taking this stuff personally. Business is business amirite?

Anything we haven't covered that you'd like to discuss?

Ok, we're finally done. Can anyone explain what just happened?

Did everyone enjoy themselves?


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