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David Freese-Peter Bourjos trade roundup: Good for Cardinals, mixed reviews for Angels

What does the internet think about the trade of Peter Bourjos for David Freese?

Doug Pensinger

The first big domino of the offseason fell on Wednesday, when the Tigers and Rangers completed their Fielder-for-Kinsler swap. Friday brought more player movement as the hot stove season officially got underway. The biggest move of the day was the trade between the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels, in which outfielder Peter Bourjos and prospect Randal Grichuk went to St. Louis in exchange for third baseman David Freese and reliever Fernando Salas.

There's no way to know for certain how this deal will play out for both teams, but that doesn't mean that everyone won't offer their opinions on the matter. Thanks to the glory of Twitter, we can easily round up those opinions! The general consensus is that this trade is a big win for the Cardinals, and anywhere from perplexing to shrewd on the part of the Angels.

Good for everybody!

Good for the Cardinals

Good for the Angels

Bad for the Cardinals

Bad for the Angels

Simply stating facts

Theoretical Situation Wild Card!

Keith Law also weighed in on the trade on ESPN Insider. He likes the deal for both teams:

The Cardinals appear to get more value here, with the extra year of Bourjos and a fringy prospect coming to them, but the market for Bourjos, whom the Angels have been shopping for pitching, was very limited, as most scouts feel like he's an 80-grade defender who can't hit and thus will find it hard to stay in a lineup.


There is so little out there at third base, however, that Freese's shift doesn't change much -- and it was unlikely the Angels would have found a better option, even if they didn't get great value for Bourjos here.

And finally, two scouting reports for prospect Randal Grichuk, who was listed as the Angels' 6th best prospect heading into 2013 by Baseball America: One from John SIckels of Minor League Ball (B- prospect in Aug. 2012), and one from Garrett Wilson of Monkey With A Halo (Feb. 2013). Grichuk profiles as a solid hitter with good power and a decent defender with a good arm.

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