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Royals 'won't go nuts' to get Omar Infante

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The Royals like Omar Infante, but they don't like like him.

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The Royals are looking for a second baseman and are definitely interested in free agent Omar Infante. However, they "won't go nuts" for him, according to Ken Rosenthal. He notes that they have other options to cover the keystone, including utility man Emilio Bonifacio and prospect Christian Colon.

Infante has become one of the most sought-after free agents since Robinson Cano signed with the Mariners for 10 years and $240 million. The Yankees now need a replacement for him and it looks like they and the Royals have emerged as Infante's top suitors.

Infante, who will be 32 at the beginning of next season, spent much of his career as a utility man. He only earned a starting job in 2011 after the Braves traded him to the Marlins in the Dan Uggla deal. He spent the last season-and-a-half back with the Tigers, where he began his career. However, the Tigers filled their second base vacancy by trading for Ian Kinsler, so it is likely Infante will be wearing a new uniform come spring training.

It's hard to gauge just what exactly is meant by "go nuts," but Infante is likely not the kind of guy to "go nuts" over. He is a career .279/.319/.402 hitter who has never made more than $4 million in a single season. There would seemingly be a dollar amount at which it would make more sense for the Royals (and the Yankees as well) to try to acquire Brandon Phillips from the Reds rather than sign Infante. Philips is signed for the next four seasons at a total of $50 million, and the Reds appear open to the idea of trading him.

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