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Draw a sports logo from memory: Miami Marlins

Drawing a sports logo from memory is harder than it sounds. See how well we did and try it for yourself.

Mike Ehrmann

Even if you don't like sports, there are many sports logos with which you may be familiar. But here's the thing: even if you DO like sports -- even if you instantly recognize a myriad of logos and create the semiotic link in your head to the team they represent on a daily basis -- they're insanely hard to recreate from memory alone.

This is our ongoing series where we attempt to recreate these logos using only a drawing implement and our own all-too-fallible human memories. Please enjoy our horrible attempt at the logo and accompanying anecdote, then give it a shot for yourself in the comments below. Have fun!

The Miami Marlins changed their logo and their name and their uniforms and their manager and their stadium and nearly all of their players in 2012. It all went horribly for them. The year opened up with their manager saying he wanted to French kiss and caress Fidel Castro. Things went steadily downhill from there. Their off-season involved packing 90 percent of their roster and a billion dollars in taxpayer money into a rocket and firing it into the sun.

We're not dealing with the old logo today, which was a swordfish in the throes of passion with a capital "F." We're all going to try to draw the brand-new cap logo.

Here is my attempt at drawing that newer Marlins logo, which originally everyone agreed was absolutely terrible but is a massive improvement in every way from their old logo and uniforms. This is probably pretty close.


Yeah, I'm pretty much a genius of draws.

A link to the actual team logo can be found right here. You're on the honor system, so no cheating!