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Five Yu Darvish pitches in a single GIF

Five! At the same time! Together!

Jeff Gross

At a quick glance, this looks like something out of a video game or cartoon or like Yu Darvish is totally cheating at baseball. What it is, however, is gifs layered on top of one another so that you can see five pitches that the Rangers' ace used against the Angels at the same time:



What will likely be the unsung part of this image is how little Darvish's backstop needed to move for any of these pitches -- even the ghosted versions of him barely shifts over, with Darvish hitting his spot exactly for all five offerings. No wonder Ghost Pujols swung through all of 'em.

This glorious image -- or combination of images, we should say -- found its way to Twitter via @MindofStan, so go tell him he's awesome for placing it there. He didn't create it, though: that was Lone Star Ball community member DShep, who posted it in LSB's morning links on Thursday.

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