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Dog throws out first pitch at Dodgers' game while not skateboarding

I know, I'm disappointed about the "not" part, too.

MLB Cut4

A dog threw out the first pitch at Saturday's Dodgers - Marlins game. "Threw" is kind of mislabeling things, as they strapped a baseball to the dog's back and had him run it in. Tillman the dog shares a name with an MLB pitcher, though, and, like Chris Tillman, attempted to find the strike zone but was a bit off-target, so we'll give it to him:


It's hard to hear, but in the video, you hear a woman say, "No, no, no, he'll run it in to you" meaning that the kid you see behind the plate thought the dog was actually going to throw a baseball 60 feet. I'd share the video with you so you could listen for the line yourself, but then you would also have to hear "Who let the dogs out?" playing. You're welcome.

Then again, considering that the above dog can ride a skateboard, I can see where imaginations could be stretched:


Yes, Tillman is that dog, the one with the iPhone commercial from 2007. The fact he can skateboard should make this whole story cooler, but instead, now I'm just annoyed at the missed opportunity here. How much better would this whole thing be if the Dodgers had a skateboarding dog throw out the first pitch, rather than a dog who can skateboard throwing it out?

Drown your sorrows from the above realization in further adventures of Tillman on a skateboard, while you wistfully dream of what could have been had the Dodgers shown as much imagination as that poor, disappointed child catcher.

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