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Collision dislocates Jose Altuve's jaw

The Astros second baseman smashed his face into Jimmy Paredes, but says he's ready to play anyway.

Duane Burleson

Apparently collisions were the cool thing to do on Monday, as Jose Altuve kicked off the evening's events with a face injury of his own. Unlike Bryce Harper, there was no blood involved, but he did partially dislocate his jaw when he crashed into right fielder Jimmy Paredes on a fly ball. If you want appropriately fancy medical terminology with your face injuries, it's a subluxed jaw:


Altuve might be listed at 5-foot-5 -- notice how Paredes is ducking when the two smash faces, while Altuve is upright -- but he's apparently much tougher than he is tall, as he told manager Bo Porter he's ready to play on Tuesday night.

I already feel shame for the next time I'm annoyed at having to work while a wisdom tooth is sore and Advil isn't fixing things as fast as I'd like.

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