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Dexter Fowler robs Adrian Gonzalez of a homer

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Dexter Fowler and karma work together to steal a homer from the Dodgers.

Stephen Dunn

The Dodgers faced the Rockies on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, and early in the game, Adrian Gonzalez went deep. Thanks to the wind, which was strongly blowing to the outfield, Gonzalez's 324 foot -- well, blast isn't the right word -- just barely cleared the fence in right at Dodger Stadium. It was such a cheap homer that Hit Tracker suggests that, without the wind, it would have been a home run in exactly zero major-league stadiums. Hit Tracker makes a point of this by saying it received an estimated 27 feet on its length due to wind alone.

That's baseball, though: the weather conditions are part of the game, and some days you get lucky.

In the bottom of the third, the universe righted itself quick. Gonzalez went deep to left center, but instead of a three-run homer that would have ruined pitcher Juan Nicasio's night and given Gonzalez a proper blast, we all ended up with a Dexter Fowler highlight grab:


Baseball? Baseball.

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