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Ike Davis plays umpire, allows Reds to score winning run

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Play first base, Ike, and let the umps do the umping.


The Mets and Reds were locked in a 4-4 game in the ninth inning at Citi Field on Wednesday afternoon, but a single bounce helped to change things. New York's first baseman, Ike Davis -- who has been horrid at the plate in 2013 -- decided that rather than play a Brandon Phillips grounder down the line and worry about whether it was foul or fair later, he would just assume it was foul.

That assumption probably wasn't wise, especially not with runners on:


Mets' announcer Ron Darling said Davis "became an umpire, decided it was going to be foul," but it turned out to be an RBI double that let the winning run score instead -- the Reds would add on to their total and take the game, 7-4, after shutting the Mets down in the bottom half of the inning.

You kind of want to be upset at Ike Davis for this, especially if you're a Mets fan, but he's just been a zero at the plate to the point where feeling bad seems like the more appropriate response. Then again, I'm not a Mets fan who has had to watch the last two months, and I could understand if such compassion for their first baseman no longer lived in their hearts.

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