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Man with baby catches foul ball

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No, he's not like, with child... you know what, just watch.


Sometimes, you want to go to the ballpark and catch a game rather than watch from the comfort of your couch. During some of those moments, though, you might have a young baby, still within its infancy to the point that you can strap said baby to your chest. This is not an impediment for some, who choose to attend a game anyway with baby in tow. That's what those no-hands baby pouches were invented for, right?

It's also not a problem for some of those parents if they, say, want to try to catch a foul ball at the Giants vs. Nationals game and don't even have one of those kangaroo kid devices with them:


You've got people clearing out of the way because a ball is coming in the stands, but this guy just holds his ground against all comers, holds his baby, and then hoists his prize above his head for all to see.

Poor baseball fundamentals, though. One handed, and without a glove? Showoff. This baby knows what I'm talking about, he's not impressed at all.

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