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Nationals made t-shirt of pitching coach's Playgirl photo

It's from the 80s, so it's safer for work than you think it is.

Patrick McDermott

Thanks to the investigate journalism of Michael Clair over at Baseball Prospectus, we were recently graced with Playgirl images of 1980s baseball players. That, by itself, is worthy of attention, especially because of the Tobias Funke never-nude style of the images that's delightfully awkward and dated and hey relax no one over there is naked, okay? If you have an aversion to mustaches and chest hair, though, you might want to think twice about clicking.

Back on topic, it came to the attention of the Nationals that their pitching coach, Steve McNatty, was one of those profiled by Clair for donning the short shorts of the 80s. Armed with this knowledge, they created a t-shirt with his Playgirl photo:

There is no word yet on when this tee will start selling at your local Urban Outfitters, but just be patient, and t-shirt irony from the 80s will surely be available for purchase.

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