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Nate McLouth makes catch in stands, Blue Jays fan throws beer at him

Waste of a beer, and for what?

Tom Szczerbowski

The Orioles Nate McLouth had it a bit rough on Thursday. First, he made an impressive running catch in the outfield, but it ended with him tumbling into the seats head first in left:


So, you've got the collision with the wall, and then he's got I Wasn't Even Looking At You When It Happened But I'm Sure You Must Have Pretended To Catch It Guy waving like mad behind him. But wait, there's more!


The beer landed behind him, so McLouth is clueless as to where it came from as he stares off to his left, whereas we can see it came from the opposite direction. That's just not being a good host, Toronto, and what was the point, even? I'm sure you convinced McLouth to stop catching baseballs by tossing a half-full Steam Whistle at him, Mr. Liquid Courage.

There wasn't even karmic retribution to be had, either, as the Blue Jays ended up winning this game 12-6. Given how baseball works, though, McLouth will probably now go 6-for-6 with four homers in Friday's game, then catch the next beer thrown at him and chug it on the spot.

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