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Tyler Skaggs sent to Triple-A by Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks demoted starting pitcher Tyler Skaggs on Monday.


The Diamondbacks sent young lefty Tyler Skaggs down to Triple-A Reno, Arizona announced Monday. In conjunction with the move, the Diamondbacks called up a pair of pitchers from the aforementioned Aces to replace Skaggs as both Charles Brewer and Joe Patterson are now with big club.

Arizona also announced Monday that it placed left-handed reliever Matt Reynolds on the 15-day disabled list, accounting for the second open spot on the roster.

Skaggs, a top prospect, has struggled to stick with Arizona at the Major League level. In his two tours of duty, the flame-throwing lefty has been unable to sustain any kind of success -- though he does show flashes of it from time to time.

Skaggs was filling in for the injured Brandon McCarthy, but the team obviously decided to move in a different direction. Skaggs needs to improve his command and control at the Triple-A level if he wants to be able to sustain success in Chase Field.

The team has not announced who will take Skaggs' spot in the rotation.

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