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Cubs suspend Ian Stewart for Twitter rant

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Ian Stewart got candid on Twitter Monday night, and the Cubs suspended him as a result.

Scott Boehm

The Chicago Cubs suspended Ian Stewart Tuesday for remarks he made on Twitter, which were critical of the team's handling of his situation.

Stewart made a series of comments proposing that the team release him, adding that he would likely never be called back up. He will be suspended without pay as a result of the remarks.

Stewart and the Cubs are meeting about an agreement to relieve him of his contract, which calls for him to make more than $1 million the rest of the season.

The original tweet from Stewart's now-deleted account came as a response to a fan asking him if he would be recalled to the majors any time soon.

When asked about why he would not simply quit, Stewart saw things very economically.

Stewart also showed his excellent knowledge of the business of baseball.

Stewart went on to share some interesting information about how he thinks the Cubs' manager, Dale Sveum, feels about him.

Since this tirade, both Stewart and his agent, Larry Reynolds, have been lobbying for Stewart to get out of his contract. Reynolds publicly asked the Cubs to let Stewart go if he is not a part of their future plans.

Despite his disdain toward the organization, Stewart issued an apology via Twitter before ultimately deciding to delete his account altogether.

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