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Mets commit consecutive throwing errors, hilarity ensues

The Mets just could not throw the ball where it needed to go in the fifth inning on Sunday.

Jason Szenes

The Mets won on Sunday, so all is forgiven. However, had they lost, their fifth inning awfulness afield would have been to blame. We're going to have to take this one step by mistake-ridden step, folks.

The scene: two outs in the bottom of the fifth in a one-run game, and the Cubs have runners on first and second. Mets third baseman David Wright's throws to first, after making a solid play on an Alfonso Soriano grounder to third:


Wright chucks the ball well over the head of first baseman Daniel Murphy, but does so with enough force that it bounces most of the way back to Murphy, in time for him to make a throw home and try to nail the runner before any real damage is done. Like with Wright's throw, though...


...the plan is better than the execution. But wait, Murphy's throw ricocheted in such a way that Wright now has the ball again in foul territory down the third base line. Will he be able to get this runner at home, before two runs score on this routine grounder?



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