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Biogenesis scandal: MLB begins interviews of big-league players

The league has begun the final stage of its investigation, meaning that suspensions could come soon.

Patrick McDermott

Major League Baseball has begun interviewing the big-league players implicated in the Biogenesis PED scandal, and those who have spoken to investigators are "convinced" that suspensions are in the offing, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

It is unclear who the league has interviewed at this point, but it is believed that Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun have not been brought in for questioning yet. Heyman speculates that investigators may wait until they have talked to everyone else before reaching out to A-Rod and Braun so that they can gather as much information as possible prior to those two interviews.

Not much is known about the interview process other than the fact that each player will be accompanied by a representative of the MLB Players Association, who is likely present to ensure that the player does not offer any more information than is required of him.

Some two dozen MLB players are thought to be in danger of receiving a suspension from the league for their connection to Biogenesis, a PED clinic in South Florida. While the league is not in possession of the usual positive tests used to punish PED users, it has built a case on testimony from minor-league players, former Biogenesis employees, and clinic director Tony Bosch, whose personal notebooks kicked off the scandal in the first place. If the league does hand out suspensions, it will likely be for the possession of substances banned by the Joint Drug Agreement, which holds the same punishment as a positive test.

Under regular circumstances, the JDA proscribes the public announcement of suspensions until the appeals process is completed. However, because the big names involved in the current case have already been implicated publicly, the league may attempt to supersede the JDA and make their intended punishments known before the union has the chance to appeal. This will not affect the union's ability to appeal, but it will likely sway the public and media against the players.

In related news, ESPN is reporting that former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer has come out with a host of information about the now-defunct clinic and its director. Among other things, Fischer claims that Bosch met with Alex Rodriguez in Detroit last October during the ALCS. The Yankees have responded by saying they had no knowledge of Bosch's presence in Detroit.

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