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Josh Hamilton injury: Angels OF won't start during weekend series due to sore wrist

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Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will not start Saturday or Sunday as he deals with a sore wrist. He'll be available off the bench.


Due to a sore wrist, Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will open each game against the Pirates this weekend on the bench, according to Alden Gonzalez of

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Angels manager Mike Scioscia told Gonzalez that Hamilton has been dealing with this problem "on and off" for "the last 10 days or so." While he is not going start in any of the team's games in this series, Scioscia did say that he could be used off the bench in some capacity.

Hamilton has been a major disappointment this season after signing a five year, $125 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels over the winter. In 302 plate appearances this season, the 2010 MVP has hit just .207/.262/.378 with 10 home runs. Despite his struggles, Hamilton has played in 71 of the team's 73 games this season.

With the revelation of a possible wrist injury, Scioscia was quick to downplay the possibility that this issue might be at the root of Hamilton's struggles this season. "It’s probably less any kind of a wrist issue that’s causing a mechanical issue and more of a rhythm and timing issue and a comfort level in the box," Scioscia told Gonzalez.

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