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Jose Lobaton takes foul ball to face, is hit with bat on consecutive pitches

He finished the game, but it wouldn't be shocking if he was concussed on one of these two plays.


The Blue Jays just wrapped up a tidy 3-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, but before that finished, Adam Lind very well might have given Rays' catcher Jose Lobaton a concussion. Jamey Wright, who relieved Roberto Hernandez to face Lind, threw a fastball inside to Lind that struck his bat and bounced right off and into Lobaton's mask:


Lobaton didn't seem shaken up much by that, but on the very next pitch, Adam Lind swung and missed, at least, until his follow through hit Lobaton in the back of the head and knocked him over:


The Rays would check on Lobaton, who didn't appear to be hit that hard compared to the foul ball to the face. Perspective, though: Lobaton was hit in the head by a bat swung by a major-league baseball player, and it was hard enough to at least loosen his mask, and to send him straight to the ground.

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Lobaton touched the back of his head a couple of times while being checked, but finished the inning behind the plate anyway. That means he passed the basic on-field concussion test (he didn't claim he was actually teammate and fellow catcher Jose Molina, or that it was the year 2080), but that doesn't mean he failed to sustain one. With any luck, he got away without one not just once, but twice, in one at-bat.

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