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Mark Teixeira to undergo season-ending surgery

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After dealing with issues for over three months, Teixeira might be headed for wrist surgery.

Ezra Shaw

After months of wrist problems and pain for New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, team doctors are finally recommending surgery to fix the issue, according to Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger. Teixeira has told reports he is opting for surgery and is out for the season

Teixeira missed the first 53 games of the season after tearing part of a tendon sheath early in Spring Training. After coming back, his performance at the plate has been frustrating, and Teixeira has been dealing with the pain by taking cortisone shots in recent days. However, the team's medical personnel are finally admitting that more extreme measures must be taken.

Part of the hold-up for surgery was hoping that the injury would heal on its own given enough time away from the field. Even an MRI taken in recent weeks showed there was no structural damage:

An MRI taken on June 16 revealed no structural damage to the tendon sheath Teixeira partially tore in March. But team officials have admitted a procedure to fix the wrist might be necessary if the irritation that deadened his left-handed swing is intractable. Cashman and Teixeira have said they would prefer Teixeira undergo surgery rather than attempt to play this season as a right-handed-hitting platoon player.

The 33-year-old has 63 plate appearances on the season with a miserable line of .151/.270/.340 to show for it. For a player earning $22.5 million this year, it's a tough diagnosis to swallow for all parties involved.