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Yasiel Puig's ridiculous plate coverage wins game for Dodgers

You can't stop Yasiel Puig, not even with pitches well off of the plate.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yasiel Puig has been an offensive force since he was called up to the Dodgers earlier this month, and as of now, no one seems to be able to figure out how to stop him. Phillies reliever Justin De Fratus attempted to get Puig out with the bases loaded on Thursday night by feeding him sliders low and away continually, and it worked for a moment -- Puig swung through the first two sliders, giving De Fratus the supposed edge.

The third slider, though, despite being the lowest and furthest off of the plate, was not far enough away from Puig's bat:


Puig knows how to go the other way, but he pulls this pitch that's well off of the plate through the gaping hole on the left side of the infield to plate two runs, putting the Dodgers ahead for good. What's amazing is that De Fratus didn't miss his spot -- the slider landed even lower and more outside than the target, already off of the plate, was setup.

You get an even better sense of it on the zoomed in replay:


Puig is just silly good, and he's only 22, too: there's still plenty for him to learn.

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