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Delmon Young gets picked off while waving, or something

It wasn't his proudest moment on the basepaths.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Delmon Young isn't a good baserunner by any stretch of the imagination, but he took that to the extreme on Thursday night against the Dodgers. Los Angeles pitcher Zack Greinke threw to first base repeatedly while Young was there, and then faked a throw to second multiple times, but Young still didn't think he needed to pay much attention while taking his lead.

Halfway through some sort of waving, stretching thing, with Young's body leaning in the entirely wrong direction to counter a pickoff attempt effectively, Greinke finally stopped faking throws:


That's actually just the sixth time he's been picked off in his whole career, and the first time since 2010, which is admittedly not too bad -- generally, his poor baserunning comes on trying to take an extra base, or in an attempt to steal. Then again, you do need to be on base in order to get picked off, and his on-base percentage is under .300 over the last three years, so it does all make some kind of sense.

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