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MLB Draft 2013: Updated consensus mock draft list

The draft is just one day away, so it's time to find out just who the experts think is going where.

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A little over a week ago, we compiled five different mock drafts together in order to try to figure out a consensus pick for each of the 33 selections in the first round of Thursday's 2013 MLB draft. Now, with that draft just one day away, there have been plenty of updates to those five lists, meaning our consensus no longer represents what we wanted it to.

With that in mind, we're updating the consensus of the five, but we're also adding in two brand new mocks from other draft experts as well: with seven to draw from, we've got an even better idea of who will go when. Until the Astros take Colin Moran first and throw everything into utter chaos, anyway.

The seven mocks come from Baseball America's Jim Callis, ESPN's Keith Law,'s Jonathan Mayo, SB Nation's own Minor League Ball, MLB Draft Insider's (and ESPN's) Chris Crawford, FOX/'s Kiley McDaniel, and Sports Illustrated's Dave Perkin.

As with last time, as some of these are actually located behind a paywall and require a subscription, we're not breaking out the selections of each analyst individually -- this is the result of their collective educated and informed guesses.

Consensus Pick Player Consensus Pick Player
Astros – 1 Jonathan Gray Dodgers – 18 Ian Clarkin
Cubs – 2 Mark Appel Cardinals – 19 Tim Anderson
Rockies – 3 Kris Bryant Tigers – 20 Jonathon Crawford
Twins – 4 Kohl Stewart Rays – 21 Nick Ciuffo
Indians – 5 Colin Moran Orioles – 22 Josh Hart
Marlins – 6 Braden Shipley Rangers – 23 Travis Demeritte
Red Sox – 7 Clint Frazier Athletics – 24 Hunter Harvey
Royals – 8 Trey Ball Giants – 25 Matt Krook
Pirates – 9 Reese McGuire Yankees – 26 Billy McKinney
Blue Jays – 10 Austin Meadows Reds – 27 Jon Denney
Mets – 11 D.J. Peterson Cardinals – 28 Sean Manaea
Mariners – 12 Ryne Stanek Rays – 29 Marco Gonzales
Padres – 13 J.P. Crawford Rangers – 30 Riley Unroe
Pirates – 14 Hunter Renfroe Braves – 31 Hunter Green
Diamondbacks – 15 Alex Gonzalez Yankees – 32 Rob Kaminsky
Phillies – 16 Dominic Smith Yankees – 33 Eric Jagielo
White Sox – 17 Chris Anderson

Thankfully, the addition of two more mocks meant fewer picks where every analyst selected a different player. Jonathan Gray remains the consensus #1, though, this time around, it wasn't unanimous, as Colin Moran, Mark Appel, and Kris Bryant all took a turn atop the heap as well.

Remember, things could still change in the next day -- as alluded to above, if Moran ends up going first as one of these analysts predicted, then the whole order above could be thrown out. If they go with Gray or Appel, though, or even Bryant, then things could look very similar to what you're seeing from this collective.

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