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Chris Perez charged with marijuana possession

The Indians closer is under investigation for having marijuana delivered to his home.


Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez and his wife Melanie have been charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance, Connor Kiesel of Cleveland's ABC News 5 is reporting.

Police said that the Perez household received a package from Los Angeles, and that an investigator reported the package smelled like marijuana. The police obtained a search warrant for the package, and they discovered 163.9 grams of marijuana inside, a little more than a third of a pound.

News broke earlier in the week that Perez was under investigation for the package, but it was unclear whether the police planned on charging Perez with drug possession. The police chief told the media that the previous owners of the household were the subject of multiple investigations, making it possible that the delivery was intended for someone else.

The couple has been released on bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on June 19. Their lawyer told Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the pair will plead not guilty.

Perez is currently on the disabled list with an injured right shoulder.

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