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Jason Heyward injury: Braves OF strains right hamstring, leaves game

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Braves outfielder Jason Heyward had to leave the game early Thursday with a strained hamstring.

Scott Cunningham

Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward left Thursday night's game against the Cincinnati Reds with a strained left hamstring, the club announced via Twitter.

The team will reevaluate Heyward on Friday, with a decision on what to do with the injured right fielder coming soon after that. There has not been any word on the potential severity of the injury yet.

Heyward, 23, is hitting just .225 in 2013 for Atlanta, with an OPS of .692. He has been inconsistent to this point, and an injury to his hamstring certainly won't help.

The Braves are currently 52-39, and five games ahead in the NL East, so they should be able to take the time to make sure Heyward gets fully healthy before returning.

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