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MLB Biogenesis scandal: Alex Rodriguez met with league officials Friday, per report

Rodriguez is the latest player to meet with MLB officials, though it is unknown what transpired during the meeting.


Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez met with MLB officials investigating the distribution of performance enhancing drugs by the Biogenesis clinic, reports the Associated Press (via Rodriguez has not talked to reporters about Friday's meeting and it's still unclear what was discussed.

Rodriguez, 37, was one of the prominent names included in the Miami New Times' report on the Biogenesis clinic allegedly distributing PEDs to MLB players. Rodriguez previously admitted to taking PEDs from 2001-2003 with the Texas Rangers, but has denied using the drugs since that time.

Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun met with MLB officials recently, but refused to answer any of their questions. Ten other players connected to the clinic have also reportedly met with officials. Each declined to answer questions.

Suspensions for players connected to Biogenesis are allegedly going to occur after the All-Star break.

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