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A Day's Work: Wade Boggs takes mic at Wrigley

In the latest installment of our ongoing series on the most interesting and unique jobs in Major League Baseball stadiums, Hall of Famer Wade Boggs heads to the north side of Chicago and Wrigley Field to meet the Cubs' PA announcer.

Former major-league third baseman and Hall of Famer Wade Boggs is visiting baseball park after baseball park to show us how those who prepare stadiums for the players and for our enjoyment do their jobs. This time around, the former Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays third baseman is visiting -- and working at -- one of the game's oldest, most historic stadiums: Chicago's Wrigley Field.

The Cubs' home park, completed in 1914, is a stadium that Boggs only played in during the 1990 All-Star Game -- remember, this was before interleague. His second trip to Wrigley brought him to Andrew Belleson, the Cubs' public address announcer, and one of the youngest with his position in the game. Boggs learns about Belleson, the job, the park and its history, and even gives public address work a shot. To Boggs' credit, he sounds like he's a natural for the position. Alas, there are more baseball parks -- and more baseball jobs -- to discover.

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