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Homer Bailey drops F-bomb after pitching no-hitter

No-hitters may not be easy, but they don't necessarily have to be so vulgar, you guys. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey threw the second no-hitter of his career on Tuesday night, allowing just one walk in a 3-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants.

After completing the impressive feat, Bailey was asked about the difficulty of his achievement. His response was not exactly television-friendly. Thanks to @ryanfagan for the below Vine video.

Oh my goodness my ears are burning! Is this the way you roll, Reds? Casual cussing? Let me introduce you to a little something called the No Cussing Club. It's clear you're going to fail the No Cussing Challenge, but if you keep working at it, maybe you'll realize that not cussing is totally cool!

Clean up your act, Homer Bailey. And while you're at it, clean up your neck. You have Barbasol pie all over it. And no one likes neck-tainted Barbasol pie.