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A Day's Work: Wade Boggs visits Boog's Barbeque

Hall of Famer Wade Boggs continues his never-ending quest to find the most interesting and unique jobs in Major League Baseball stadiums. This week, a visit to Camden Yards for some barbeque with Orioles great Boog Powell.

A few quick points here about wandering Hall of Fame samurai Wade Boggs' latest ballpark jaunt:

  • Boog Powell was a heck of a hitter. It's a little bit hard to see because he played in the 60s and 70s, low-offense eras in which it was hard to put up big numbers, but Boog's .290/.399/.606 season of 1964 is roughly equivalent to Miguel Cabrera-level production. Powell wasn't always that good, and as a defensive player he was just a chunky first baseman, but still, the Orioles don't make the six postseasons they did during his career without him. That he will go down in history as a purveyor of sandwiches first, slugger second, is a bit odd.
  • As Wade makes a point of saying, it's not Bog's Barbeque, it's Boog's. Two Os. Boog's is at Camden Yards. Bog's is frequented by Hobbits on summer nights in Middle Earth.
  • Wade does not consume any elephant steaks or hippo sushi at Boog's Barbeque. This is probably because Boog's only offers beef, pork, and turkey.
  • I am hoping that in future installments we can get Wade on Bernie Brewer's slide, repairing a dome or two from the outside, or working a security detail at Yankee Stadium. Stay tuned! -- Steven Goldman

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