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MLB Biogenesis scandal: Whistleblower demands $1 million for clinic records

Ex-Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer told MLB investigators on Tuesday that he will not hand over his incriminating clinic records unless the league agrees to give him a cool million. Hooray, extortion!


Say what you will about the Biogenesis PED scandal, it's certainly not lacking in shady dealings. The investigation took another step into the realm of the weird and uncomfortable on Tuesday, as ex-Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer met with league investigators and proceeded to tell them he will not hand over his damning clinic records unless MLB gives him at least $1 million, reports TMZ.

The documents in question are rumored to be the original smoking gun in the scandal -- i.e. the records that league investigators have been searching for since day one -- so MLB has a vested interest in them. Fischer claims that the documentation has incriminating evidence on as many as 100 baseball players -- including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun -- so you know that Bud Selig and company are champing at the bit to get their hands on that information. The question now is whether the league will stoop to meet Fischer's demands, which some would label a form of extortion.

MLB has reportedly yet to make any sort of offer for the documentation, but are planning to meet with Fischer again in the near future. If league does end up paying Fischer, it will likely have the evidence they need to hand out suspensions without fear of a successful appeal, but it will come at a pretty great cost to its legitimacy. The league is already in an awkward position by agreeing to throw out its lawsuit against clinic director Tony Bosch (and pay him) in exchange for his testimony, so things can only get worse if more money changes hands.

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