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Former Biogenesis employee forced into hiding, per report

The whistleblower in the Biogenesis scandal has supposedly been forced to go underground thanks to constant pressure from private investigators.

Streeter Lecka

Porter Fischer, the former Biogenesis employee who claims to have proof that Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and other MLB players took steroids, has apparently been forced into hiding thanks to a number of threats, TMZ is reporting.

Sources close to MLB's investigation allege that Fischer has been under constant pressure for the past six months from private investigators who want to get their hands on the records he owns from the Biogenesis clinic. The former employee also believes that some of the players involved in the scandal hired these private investigators.

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Fischer has also received some alleged death threats, per TMZ.

The former employee has been in negotiations with MLB to turn over the documents in his possession that will supposedly prove the guilt of more than 100 players. Fischer may receive a check worth seven-figures for the evidence, and apparently plans to use the money to take his family into hiding.

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