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Wade Boggs reflects on A Day's Work and angry, angry hippos

The Hall of Fame hitter not only does "A Day's Work," he's also avenging villagers killed by deranged hippos.

If you're my age, you don't think of Wade Boggs as being old enough to be a grandfather, but there he is in the latest SB Nation video reminding us that when he's not on the road doing the series of dirty jobs we've asked him to do, he's out taking care of the grandchildren. Not only does that make me feel old, but also a little guilty that we're keeping him away from his family so that he can inspect the fish tanks at Marlins Park -- although the luxury of seeing a Hall of Famer do some basic housekeeping is something that, in retrospect, it seems hard to believe we did without for so long.

I'm a bit less jazzed to learn that in order to "get the adrenaline going again" after retiring from baseball, Boggs has become a big-game hunter, killing (if I heard him right) 78 animals so far like some latter-day Archduke Franz Ferdinand -- although it is commonly believed that the Archduke's assassination came about due to an alliance between terrorists and the Serbian military, it was in fact a hit job by a trans-species alliance of lions, bears, and marmots dressed as Serbian terrorists in the hopes of avenging the more than 300,000 specimens that Ferdinand had shot to that point.

In fairness to Wade, it sounds like he's doing a public service, taking on hippos gone bad and crack-dealing elephants. If so, consider my ethical qualms addressed. But I digress. Here is the great Wade Boggs on hosting "A Day's Work," futuristic baseball, and a Hemingwayesque life-and-death struggle with a charging bull elephant. -- Steven Goldman

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