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Alex Rodriguez plans to fight, not settle suspension, per report

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The beleaguered Yankees star intends to battle the suspension handed to him, despite the risk of a lifetime ban.

Alex Trautwig

The plot thickens in the Biogenesis scandal, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports, with Alex Rodriguez intending to fight any possible suspension MLB gives him.

Rodriguez will fight the suspensions through the appeals process, which could potentially lead to commissioner Bud Selig invoking the "best interest of baseball clause." The usage of the clause would prevent Rodriguez from playing until a ruling was made on his appeal.

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The Yankees could use Rodriguez's bat in their lineup, with his unavailability looming over the team's pennant race hopes. He was set to return in mid-July from hip surgery, but suffered a quad strain and is currently rehabbing for Double-A Trenton.

Rodriguez had hired a new law firm that many believed (per Sherman) would help him get the best settlement possible, but it now appears as though its job is to build up an appeal case.

The Yankees currently sit at 56-51, eight games behind the Red Sox in the American League east.

The league intends to announce its suspensions for those involved in the Biogenesis scandal soon, beyond the punishment already handed out to Ryan Braun. The Brewers outfielder received a suspension for the rest of the season after settling.

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