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Jack Clark stands by PED allegations against Albert Pujols

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Jack Clark's radio show was pulled from the air on Saturday after Albert Pujols threatened legal action, but the former big-leaguer stands by his story.

Harry How

Former Major League Baseball player Jack Clark is standing by his accusations regarding Angels' star Albert Pujols use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Clark, whose radio show on WGNU-AM in St. Louis was reportedly pulled from the air, took to Twitter to defend his stance on Pujols on Saturday:

Clark went on to deny saying anything about Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and former big-league outfielder Shawn Green being connected to PED's, although Clark reportedly accused them of "juicing" as well.

Clark's supposed source for the information, Pujols' former person trainer Chris Mihlfeld, vehemently denied Clark's claims. Pujols announced on Saturday that he plans to take legal action against Clark and his former employer.

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