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Video: Athletics miss walk-off homer by inches, then lose

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That old adage about baseball as a game of inches ruined Chris Young's and the A's night against the Astros.

Thearon W. Henderson

Here's the scene: it's 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth in Oakland, and the Astros are beating the Athletics 5-4. There's a runner on for outfielder Chris Young, who is down 0-1 in the count to Astros reliever Chia-Jen Lo. That's when Young launches a game-winning, walk-off homer to left, except it turns out to be none of those things:

The A's burst out of the dugout, only to huddle near the entrance when they realized it wasn't gone, and they had not won. Depending on the angle, replays made it look like it was clearly foul and to the left of the foul pole, or like it had possibly "nicked" the pole, to use the announcers word.

The umpires reviewed the ball in play, and the call stood as a foul ball, rather than a glorious, come-from-behind walk-off shot. Young returned to his at-bat, where he then struck out to end the game, and further depress anyone who had been elated just moments before.

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