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A Day's Work: Wade Boggs joins the Minnesota grounds crew

Wade Boggs and SB Nation have teamed up with Jeep to produce 'A Day's Work' , a summer series that profiles some of the most interesting and unique jobs in Major League Baseball stadiums. This week, Wade visits Minnesota's Target Field to work with Twin's Head Groundskeeper Larry DiVito. From pulling the nail drag to replacing home plate, Wade will get his hands dirty with 'A Day's Work'.

In the latest edition of Wade Boggs' "A Day's Work," the former major-league third baseman and Hall of Famer heads to Minnesota and the Twins' Target Field. This time around, he'll be learning about what the grounds crew does in between games, with the help of Head Groundskeeper Larry DiVito.

Boggs learns that all of Target Field's dirt -- all 400 tons of it -- comes from Pennsylvania, and that it all has to be carefully watered in order to keep it from cracking and breaking. Keeping a baseball field in pristine condition -- as well as neutral for both the home and away clubs -- is both art form and science, and DiVito shares what his crew has to do in order to maintain one of the game's loveliest parks on a day-to-day basis. As he has in the rest of the series, Boggs tries his hand at playing grounds crew member, taking the nail drag for a spin around the immaculate infield dirt after another lesson from DiVito.

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