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Twins' Mike Pelfrey has exemption to use Adderall

Pelfrey has been vigilant about renewing his therapeutic use exemption that allows him to use the same drug for which Miguel Tejada was reportedly suspended.

Hannah Foslien

Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey revealed on Saturday that he has been using Adderall since 2009 to treat a case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but has a therapeutic use exemption from MLB that allows him to take it, reports the Pioneer Press' Mike Berardino. Pelfrey discussed this after news broke that Miguel Tejada will be suspended 105 games for two positive tests for the drug.

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While Tejada did have an exemption once, his had expired. Pelfrey, on the other hand, says that he has taken the necessary steps each year since he was 25 years old to renew his exemption. Under MLB rules, a player that wants an exemption for Adderall must have three consultations with a doctor each year, two of which may be done over the phone.

Pelfrey, 29, says that he no longer takes Adderall daily like he used to after he began having headaches. Instead, he now takes the drug only on days that he starts or throws a bullpen.

"When I don't take my Adderall, my mind, my thoughts are just all over the place," Pelfrey was quoted as saying. "When I'm taking it, I'm able to focus on one task and able to do one thing instead of (having) 20 different things pop in your head. It definitely helps."

Pelfrey said that a player who did not need the drug to treat ADD or ADHD would likely see an additional energy boost from taking Adderall.

Pelfrey is in his first year with the Twins after spending most of his career with the Mets. He remains in touch with the New York doctor who first diagnosed him with the disorder.

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