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Yasiel Puig allegedly cusses out members of media

Puig made a comment to the media and he may or may not have been serious about it.


If Yasiel Puig wasn't a fan of the media before Monday, he certainly isn't going to be one now. A comment, which may have been lost in translation, incited a Twitter firestorm.

Puig and the Dodgers are in Miami for a four-game series against the Marlins. Puig will face off against fellow Cuban Jose Fernandez on Monday and the matchup has drawn significant interest. As a result, Puig met the media for a 20-minute press conference prior to Monday's game.

He conducted the interview in Spanish, with a translator and said, among other things, that he doesn't like media in the United States who dig for stories not related to activities on the field. Puig has received his fair share of criticism recently, including on Sunday when Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morisi said he'd be "nervous" that Puig would cost the Dodgers a playoff due to needless mistakes and fundamental lapses.

After the press conference, the real fireworks started in the clubhouse:

It should be noted the comments were made in Spanish and Friedman only knew what was said after other reporters translated:

So was it as bad as it sounds? It sure doesn't seem like it when other context is added:

So to sum things up, Puig respectfully answered questions during a press conference, apparently said some inappropriate things in Spanish, which may or may not have been a joke, and then people went crazy about it. Much ado about nothing.

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