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Alex Rodriguez, 13 others face Monday deadline to accept suspensions

Suspensions are now expected to come in the next 72 hours as MLB works to reach settlements with the indicted players.

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Al Messerschmidt

Major League Baseball is prepared to release two announcements Monday regarding the Biogenesis scandal: one listing players who have accepted suspensions and the other naming those who did not make deals and can still challenge the penalties before an arbitrator, sources have told Ronald Blum of the Associated Press.

Earlier reports claimed that MLB would announce the suspensions no later than Friday, but that appears to have changed. Suspensions are expecting to come "in the next few days," according to T.J. Quinn and Andrew Marchand of, while Bob Nightengale of USA Today writes that supension announcements are expected "in the next 72 hours."

Most of the players face 50-game suspensions that they could serve out this season if they accept their punishment Monday. Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz and Detroit Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta could both potentially return to their team's playoff rosters if they do not file grievances.

Alex Rodriguez will be accused of recruiting other players to the clinic, attempting to obstruct the investigation and lying to MLB in the past, reports Blum. Rodriguez is reportedly facing a lifetime ban unless the third baseman reaches a settlement, which is apparently ongoing.

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