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Ballgirl and infielder fight for foul ball

One of these two was not supposed to be attempting to catch this ball.

I can't remember a time when a ballgirl* attempted to snare a perfectly catchable foul ball, but that's what went down in the ninth inning of Monday's Red Sox - Giants tilt. Stephen Drew popped a ball into foul territory heading into left field, and infielder Joaquin Arias went running for it. In his way was the ballgirl, who was intent on ending the frame on her own.

*Come on, MLB. Ballwoman, maybe? Only because balllady looks really awkward in print if you're going to structure it to be sans spacing.


She immediately realizes her mistake -- that jacket doesn't make you an actual San Francisco Giant, even if the helmet does make you Jane Olerud -- and quickly goes to apologize to Arias, who isn't having any of it. Have some compassion, Joaquin, accidents happen. She got caught up in the moment!

She's completely embarrassed -- understandably so -- but the way the umpire responds to the situation... well, condescending-head-pat dot GIF:


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