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Alex Rodriguez has standing 150-game suspension offer from MLB, per report

However, the league is denying any sort of deal is on the table, so...

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Mike Stobe

Alex Rodriguez has a standing offer from Major League Baseball to accept a 150-game suspension, a source has told Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

The source, who is identified only as a "person close to Rodriguez," also said that A-Rod rejected a deal from the league days before his 211-game ban was handed out that would have limited his time on the sidelines to 100 games. MLB Vice President Rob Manfred has denied both of the source's claims, and Rodriguez won't talk about it.

In fact, A-Rod isn't talking about much of anything anymore. The Yankees third baseman is reportedly trying his hand at not talking to the media about anything that isn't related to events on the field, per Nightengale.

Not only is Rodriguez not discussing the possible plea deal sitting on the table, he's also not responding to the continued accusations that his new lawyer, Joe Tacopina, is slinging in the Yankees' direction. Tacopina alleges that the organization knew A-Rod had a severely injured hip, but kept playing him in the hopes that he'd hurt himself to the point that he would be forced to retire.

Tacopina is also talking a big game when it comes to taking on MLB, stating:

"Their case is in shambles," Tacopina said. "They can talk a tough game, but we'll see how they act in a courtroom and a court proceeding.

"I will annihilate them."

Tacopina added that he thinks the league has taken on a "thug mentality" in its investigation, and that it has committed "two criminal offenses that we know of." What he believes those offenses are is not clear.

While A-Rod is (finally) staying mum on the situation, it's likely that his lawyer will try to keep the accusations at the front of the public's mind until Rodriguez has his appeal hearing in a few months' time.

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