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A Day's Work: Wade Boggs is hoppin' at the Trop

Wade Boggs and SB Nation have teamed up with Jeep to produce 'A Day's Work', a summer series that profiles some of the most interesting and unique jobs in Major League Baseball Stadiums. This week, Wade visits Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field to work with Director of Stadium Operations Chris Raineri. Wade will have a busy day raking, rubbing, feeding, scrubbing, and cleaning up around the Trop.

This week, Wade Boggs' peripatetic wanderings bring him to Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field, scene of his last two seasons in the majors and his 3,000th hit. This is the most plot-heavy episode of "A Day's Work" so far, with the indefatigable Hall of Famer doing not one job, but many, including feeding the ballpark's iconic rays and spice-rubbing beef, growing ever-more exhausted in the process. (I await the controversial director's cut, in which Wade spice-rubs the rays and feeds the beef.) All we need to do is add a subplot involving, say, a hostage rescue and maybe a car chase or two and this episode is ready for feature film treatment. Until then, we have Boggs where he belongs, hanging out in the ballpark's Ted Williams Museum (and taking a moment to wipe down his own picture). No Hawaiian shirt this week, but we do get a mention of Wade's 1988 cameo on "Cheers," so it's all good. -- Steven Goldman

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