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Video: Alex Rodriguez's 2013 debut, complete with boos

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It took months for A-Rod to get back, and he was greeted by boos in a 1-for-4 night following his suspension.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has been out for all of 2013 while recovering from off-season surgery on his hip, but there have been whispers that the last couple of weeks have been denied to him due to his reported involvement with the defunct Biogenesis clinic. After finally receiving a 211-game suspension, one that A-Rod will appeal, he took the field on Monday for the first time this season.

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Chicago were not the best hosts for this event, though, booing A-Rod in his first at-bat of the season. Can you blame them? It's not like they asked for this media circus to show up in their town, while they are just quietly trying to lose with dignity.

Rodriguez would single in his first time up to the plate, but then go hit-less the rest of the way. I can't imagine Chicago will be the only town who coldly greets Rodriguez, who is the only one of the suspended players who has chosen to fight rather than accept punishment and hope that distance and time repairs the damage they've caused.

Not that A-Rod necessarily should have accepted the longest PED suspension in the game's history, one that MLBPA chief Michael Weiner deems "way out of line", but negative crowd reactions are going to be part of the deal by staying on the field.

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